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Myriad Software, LLC
10805 Rancho Bernardo Road
Suite 250
San Diego, CA 92127-5701
Phone: (800) 676-4243

Support (866) MYRIAD1 or (866) 697-4231
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Myriad Software's Call Center hours of operation are 6:30am - 4:30pm PT, Monday through Friday. You may also contact our Support Team by e-mail at any time.
Also, don't forget about the On-line Help, available within the application.

Our Toll-free Call Center number is (866) 697-4231 or (866) MYRIAD1
Please direct your Call Center inquiry to one of the following departments:
Press #2 for Training Supportfor customers who are new on the system.
Press #3 for Application Support - for customers who have been using the system live for three or more months. 
Press #4 for Technical Support - to obtain support for a paid onsite technician, installation, upgrade, barcode, or Browser registration issue. 
To address network or hardware issues, please contact your company's contracted Network Company directly