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Myriad Software, LLC
10805 Rancho Bernardo Road
Suite 250
San Diego, CA 92127-5701
Phone: (800) 676-4243

Support (866) MYRIAD1 or (866) 697-4231
Technical Support
Since Myriad does not sell or support computer or networking equipment, we do not provide direct computer hardware, network, or operating system support, but rather we work with our clients' IT companies, assisting them with anything related to our software, in order to help resolve problems with computer or network equipment or connectivity.
This may include such things as our connectivity with our clients' servers, repairs to our clients' databases in case of inadvertent or unexpected damage suffered by power loss, etc. This also includes installation and configuration issues that may arise on installing or configuring any of our software products or modules.

As servers come to the end of their life, we know that you have to look at upgrading. When this happens we need to be made aware of the new server(s). Please use this Server and Network Configuration document to fax back to Myriad.

System Requirements - obtain supported server, operating system and network requirements

Server Migration Requirements - necessary migration notification and procedural requirements