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Backup Recommendations

To ensure proper protection of your company’s data, Myriad Software recommends the following back up procedures. This information should be forwarded to each client’s system administrator and outside Network Company.

Without a good backup process in place along with verification, you risk the total loss of any or all information that cannot be replaced.

  • Full backup of the entire MYR4W folder and its contents on a nightly basis.
  • Minimum number of backup tapes (or media) per backup cycle needs to be 1 per day for a total of 7.
  • Daily rotation of the previous days backup to an off-site location.
  • Your Network Company should do periodic verification testing that the backup and restoration processes are working successfully.
  • Assuming that a full backup was done prior to installing any Eclicktic upgrade or service pack, an additional recommendation would be to temporarily store a copy of the DATA folder (located under the MYR4W folder) to a separate location on your server.
  • Make sure users are logging out properly each night. Failure to do so results in files being left open that could be skipped during a backup and possibly, unrecoverable.
  • Backup copies of client’s databases are to be used for recovery purposes only. Any additional copies of client’s database used for other purposes are likely to be a violation of Myriad Software’s license agreement.

Please note: in the event Myriad Software is requested to repair a client’s database when a good backup is unavailable, clients may be billed for support time required in our attempt to recover the database.