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Myriad Software, LLC
10805 Rancho Bernardo Road
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San Diego, CA 92127-5701
Phone: (800) 676-4243

Support (866) MYRIAD1 or (866) 697-4231
Application Support
When you are using a Myriad system, the Myriad team is here for you. Our partnerships with our customers are important to us, and we go out of our way to make sure that our relationship with each customer is mutually beneficial.

The Client Services Team

The Application Support team at Myriad Software offers a wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm, and empathy to Myriad customers. Myriad's quick-response technical support call center is unmatched in the industry.

The impressive Client Services staff also delivers a suite of highly-praised training courses to get customers started managing their businesses the Myriad way. Client Services keeps customers up-to-date and successful with frequent high-quality customer-education and informational materials.

One of the most significant benefits to our clients is that our team possesses numerous years of relevant home furnishings industry and software development experience. We have first-hand familiarity with your retail business operations, which can only result in a more positive customer service experience!