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Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

This is a list of common questions that arise along with answers

How do I add a category?

Go to the Merchandising tab, then Department Maintenance, click Category tab.

Eclicktic is asking for serial number and there isn't one?

If it appears that when this model was created, option to "Serial number required finalizing Sale" was turned on in model maintenance. At this point, you must do the following to resolve:

Go into Model Maintenance and discontinue the model. Do a Mrg/Chg on the model and put a Z in front of the model number. Recreate the model, this time, making sure the "Serial Number Required Finalizing Sale" option is turned off. Void the sale(s). Void any open purchase order(s). Re-input any open sales orders. Re-input any open purchase orders. Subtract out any available inventory. Re-add the inventory.

Barcodes not printing- Install fonts:

To install the barcode fonts, login to the server (or LAN connected workstation) as Administrator (so you have rights to install fonts), the click Start>Settings>Control Panel>Fonts, click File>Install New Font, then browse to the server drive where the \myr4w folder is, double click the myr4w folder, double click the barcode folder, double click the fonts folder. Seven fonts will show up. Select All and click Ok. If any are already installed, simply click Ok on the message that comes up.

Change Login and Home screen colors?

Login, go to FILE tab, then PREFERENCES, then COLORS. Click the Background box and pick color for Login screen. Click "Save as Default". Then click on Background box again and choose color for the Home Screen, but just X out, do NOT click Save as Default or it will also change the Login screen color.

Charge Backs disbursed that were disbursed in error?

If Charge Backs are in error and you aren't able to un-disburse them. When that occurs, you must un-disburse all the disbursements for that Vendor.

To do that, go into Payables Disbursement and specify a vendor range for that specific vendor. You will need to push the due date way out, just in case one of the charge backs has a date far in the future. You will apply criteria, then go to the Invoices Tab and Clear all the Disbursements. Answer Yes to confirm clearing the disbursements. Then click save.

Close the Payables Disbursements screen and run the Payables Disbursement Report again to verify all disbursements are cleared. Once verified, then go back into the Payables Disbursement program and re-disburse the invoices once again. Save, then close. Run the Payables Disbursement Report again to verify all the disbursements are correct.

The QUICK way to un-disburse, or if for some reason you are unable to un-disburse an invoice or a chargeback as listed above, you can always do it manually one invoice/charge back at a time.

Go into Accounts Payable Input or Charge Back Input and pull up the invoice or charge back you want to un-disburse. Then go into the History Tab. You can see the current disbursement in the lower portion of the screen in the amount field. Change it to zero.

Check the last date the DBR was run?

System tab, Configuration, then System. See Post Date.

Create a Group Model with items from different vendors?

In Group Maintenance use Vendor *GROUP to be able to set up a group with different vendors.

CRM- What report shows Advertising Codes?

Use the Opportunity Report, go to Options tab and click on box for Summary by Advertising Code. You can also use the Sales Analysis Report.

Eclicktic frozen or looping:

Use Task Manager to get out of Eclicktic. Click CTRL +ALT +DELETE or CTRL +ALT +END, bring up Task Manager and click Eclicktic under Applications and End task.

Error trying to print reports to just 1 specific printer.

Update the printer driver.

Export a Sales Order to a PDF:

Export a Sales Order to a PDF- Open the Sales Order you want to print. Click Print.  Click Preview. Click on the Printer Set Up icon.  Select PDF995.  (NOTE: if you do not have this choice you will need to have your network company set it up.)  Click OK.  Click your Print icon.  Click OK.  This will bring you to the Save As screen. Here you can save the pdf.  Then you can print from the saved file.

How do you control what Receivables show on the CTR?

Go to the CODE MAINTENANCE tab, then choose Receivables. Check the box called Include on Cash Transaction Report.

How does freight get figured?

Stock freight is based on FIFO. If you are placing a PO for that item for a particular Sales Order then the cost and freight from the AP invoice for that PO will be the cost associated with that Sale. If the Sale is finalized it will create an adjustment to COG and FOG that you will see on the Delivered Business Report. They way that gets posted is through the Daily Balancing Posting Report.

Inventory Cost Report and Inventory Receiving Report do not balance?

The Inventory Cost report and the Inventory Receiving Report may not balance. Variables can include FIFO, history of inventory, Freight, etc. These reports are not meant to balance to each other.

If the invoice cost is different than received cost?

If the item is in inventory the system will adjust the cost on the item. If already sold the system will make a Cost of Goods Sold Adjustment. You will see this on the Delivered Business Report.

Incorrect price on Sales Order for Option items?

All Option and Stock Option items look at the price on the Stock Option Model Maintenance tab only, not the Prices tab. Correct price needs to be price 1 on Stock Option tab.

Inventory Cost Report- What does Recreate inventory mean?

The report will list all items in inventory today & will age them as of the date entered. When it "recreates' inventory - the detail will not be recreated. The totals will be inclusive of inventory as of the date entered. The 2 figures on the Grand totals page under the Totals column: Top figure is COST, bottom figure is QUANTITY.

Inventory- How do I find out the inventory for a certain day?

Run the Inventory Cost Report with an aging date of (ex. 12/31/2010) and click the Recreate Inventory as of this aging date box.

Inventory Cost Report is not Matching when run for an individual store vs. all stores at once?

Unfortunately, you cannot really run the Inventory Cost Report by store and get a true picture of the cost. That is because the report, reports costs based on FIFO.

Here is an example of why:

You have 3 stores 01, 02 and 03

You have 9 of model ABC

5 cost 50.00 received in on 8/1/2010 and 4 cost 100.00 received in on 12/1/2010

Total cost of these 9 items is $650.00

When you run the ICR for all 3 stores combined that is what it will report.

When you run it for each store individually, it will based on cost on FIFO.

Store 01 has 3 Total cost 150

Store 02 has 3 Total cost 150

Store 03 has 3 Total cost 150

Total cost 450

Inventory- What if it is Received but not Matched to an Invoice?

The G/L to Inventory Balancing Report includes that information in the detail section. The G/L to Inventory Balancing Report is the only report we have that shows that information. It does include a lot of other detail, and it does show un-matched Receivings.

The G/L to Inventory Balancing Report shows both scenarios. It shows Matched Receivings and Un-matched Receivings like in the example below.

This example shows Receivings that have not been matched to an A/P invoice. Note the Invoice Column is blank and the Current Period and Outside Period Book columns are Zero. That means these Receivings are not matched to an a/p invoice.

Inventory Receiving Report not matching the Inventory Cost Report?

Eclicktic is a FIFO system, so the report is not based on location; it is based on the "first in" or oldest price. When you run the ICR for one location you will see only the "First In" (oldest) cost, not the total of all costs in that one location. When the Inventory Cost Report is run you will get the total cost of the entire inventory available, so the reports will never match. Inventory Cost is not stored by location.¡¡

Last Closed Date?

Go to System tab, then Store Location Maintenance. See the Last Closed date field.

Last Date DBR was run?

System tab, Configuration, then click System and look at Post Date.

Merchandise Managers Report takes a long time?

45 minutes is reasonable if you are running for an isolated group of options models which includes not only sales history, but sales by cover. This is definitely a report we recommend be run at night on the scheduler. If it is run during the day while other users are inputting, processing and reporting, it can make it even slower.

Open a Closed Day?

If you have not run the Daily Balancing Posting Report for that date you can re-open it. Go to System, then Store Location Maintenance. Select your store and then the closed field will open up so you can change the closed date.

If you have run the DBR for that date, then it is too late. You will need to make changes on an open date.

Open a Closed Month?

Go to the G/L tab, then Accounting Period Maintenance and change Closed Date.

Paying AP Invoices with a Credit Card?


In this example we are using Visa.


In Chart of Accounts Maintenance create an account called Visa Account. Flag it as an Asset account and as Cash Subsidiary.

In Bank Account Maintenance set up a bank account called Visa Account and attach the Visa G/L account established in step #1.

Paying the Invoice:

Pay the invoice(s) by calling the vendor and giving the Visa number.

Enter the invoice(s) into Accounts Payable Input, posting them to the normal accounts (Inventory, Travel, Supplies, etc.). Do Match Receiving like normal (if for inventory). Then post the invoice(s) to the GL by running the Purchase Journal Report as normal procedure.

Go into the Banking Module and into the Register. Use the Visa Bank account and create a check (this will be a mock check). Select the invoice(s) to pay like normal (you do not need to go into the GL dist. Tab). This step will show that the invoices have been paid and will debit the A/P and leave a credit on the GL VISA account.

When the Visa bill arrives you will pay it by issuing a check from the Register using your Regular bank account. Go into the GL distribution tab and debit the Visa G/L account number (as setup in step 1). This will zero out that G/L account.

It is not necessary to enter the Visa bill into Accounts Payable Input however if you do , you will debit the Visa G/L account there.

Remove 0 balance due vendors from AP Report?

They need to make a check and reference all the invoices charges and chargebacks that total 0. This will remove these invoices from the AP Report.

Report will not close?

Click CTRL + ALT+ END to bring up Task Manager, Highlight Eclicktic on the Applications tab and click End Task. Now log back in.

Retail Price Manager for Group Models?

In Retail Price Manager, enter the Group Model in the Model field, not the Group field.

Run runtimesetup.exe?

From the desktop that you want to install it on: (NOTE: If it is a LAN environment, it must be run on each workstation. If you log in remotely, it only needs to be run on the server.) Right click on the Eclicktic Icon, click Properties, click Find Target. Scroll up to find the WORKSTATION folder. Click the runtimesetup50.exe. Choose Run As Administrator. Once it is completed you are done.

Sales Adjustments?

To change the price on a finalized SO, you'll need to do a Sales Adjustment. Go to Sales Adjustments. Click NEW. Reference the original SO. Enter the amount of the adjustment: ex: if lowering price by $5.00 use -$5.00 as amount. This will change the amount paid by the customer, but not change the amount on the SO. You will see this change on the AR tab in the Sales order.

Sales Order Report vs. Sales Analysis Report?

SOR reports the entire order if any one line qualifies, the SAR will show qualifying lines only. These will not balance with each other. Use the Written Business Report and the SAR to balance.

Sales Orders with No Balance?


See all a Customer's purchases?

Go to Customer Account Lookup, choose the customer and click Print to see the Customer Account Lookup Report.

"Start Date must be after the Fiscal Year close date"?

Go to the G/L tab, then Accounting Period Maintenance and change Closed Date to the end of previous fiscal year (ie. If working on 2011, it should read 2010)

To change a tax code on a Finalized Sale?

Do a Sales Adjustment to remove the tax code, then do a second Sales Adjustment to add the new tax code.

Transfer all items from one location to another?

Go to System tab, then Store Location Maintenance, click Locations and MERGE (not change).

User cannot get logged in at all under their login?

Have your Network Co. log in and end the persons session and then try logging in. We do not have rights to fix this, so your Network Co. needs to fix it.

What brand of Door counters does Eclicktic work with?

IDT door counters

Why are Sales Orders showing up on the Sales Tax report if you have not closed the day yet?

The Sales Tax report is not a posting report. It will report on finalized sales. The DBR is what posts the tax to the Ledger.