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Report FAQ's
Report FAQ's

This is a list of report questions along with answers


Inventory- How can I find out exact inventory for a certain day?

Use the Inventory Cost Report with an aging date of (example:12/31/2010) and click the Recreate Inventory as of this aging date box.

Inventory- Find out what is Received but not Matched to an invoice?

G/L to Inventory Balancing Report includes that information in the detail section.

Sales Analysis Report- What can it do?

Does Not Post. Use to see Individual Sales People. Written or Finalized. It will match the Delivered Business Report.

Why the difference between the Inventory Cost Report and the Balance Sheet inventory amount?

The Balance Sheet figure is based on the AP invoices that have been received (increase inventory) and the Daily Balancing Posting Report (decrease inventory).

The Inventory Cost Report is based on the entry of Receiving's (increase inventory) and the finalization of sales orders (decrease inventory).

It is very common in this industry for the AP invoices to arrive after the actual receiving of inventory. The timing difference between the physical receipt of the AP invoice and the receiving of the inventory will result in a difference between book and physical. The Inventory Balancing Report provides detailed information about the differences.

Open Sales Report- What does it do?

Use to see Open Sales and see orders that have been filled with inventory.

Sales Order Report- What does it show?

Shows all types of Sales, including Sales Adjustments, and Pending Sales.

Order Audit Report- What does it show?

Shows all Sales Order changes, voided, finalized, price changes, etc.

Sales Tax Report- What does this balance to?

Will balance to the Delivered Business Report. Shows Delivered Sales/Transactions only.

Commission Report- Does it show adjustments?

This report includes all Sales Commission adjustments.

Demographics Analysis Report- What can this be used for?

Used by Marketing, or Sales Manager. Includes Sales, Voids, Returns, Cash and Carry, does not include service orders or sales adjustments. This will balance to the Sales Analysis Report.

Margin Exception Report- What is it for?

Shows only differences between the margin defined in Model Maintenance and /or Deposit percentage defined in System /Configuration. Not used to balance to anything.

What is the Source code on the Sales Analysis Report?

Source Code is for use with catalog sales.

Inventory Cost Report- How does it work?

Based on FIFO. If you run the ICR for one location you will see only the "First In" (oldest) cost, not the total of all costs in that one location. When the Inventory Cost Report is run to include all locations, you will get the total cost of the entire inventory available, so the reports will never match. Inventory Cost is not stored by location. Can be run to include or exclude freight in totals.

Unsampled Report- What is it?

Unsampled items are those items that you have in stock (in warehouse locations), but do not have on a showroom floor.

Merchandise Manager's Report- How do you filter?

1) Freight Factor per Sku: On the Options tab select 2-line format. Under Report Templates select: Expanded Template

2) Display Replacement Cost: The Replacement Cost is displayed on both the Standard and Expanded templates. The Freight Factor and Freight amount are displayed on the Expanded Template. Neither template prints the landed cost.

3) The Margins if sold at Retail: They are printed on both the Standard Template and Expanded Templates. On the Options tab select 2-line format.

4) Open PO's, quantity, PO# and Arrival Dates: They are printed on the Expanded Template. On the Options tab select the 2-line format.

5) Customer Backorders, the PO numbers and Arrival Dates: They are printed on the Expanded Template. On the Options tab select the 2-line format.

6) The Merchandise Analysis Report can be run to see current year and last year sales history by month. In order to see this detail for each individual model, you will need to Sort by Frame and accept the default of "20 characters in frame".

7)VPA stands for Vendor Performance Analysis.

Customer Account Lookup- What does Print do?

Creates the Customer Account Lookup Report. This shows all sales for one customer