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Myriad Software, LLC
10805 Rancho Bernardo Road
Suite 250
San Diego, CA 92127-5701
Phone: (800) 676-4243

Support (866) MYRIAD1 or (866) 697-4231
The Client Services team at Myriad Software offers a wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm, and empathy to Myriad customers. Myriad's quick-response support system is unmatched in the industry.
One of the most significant benefits to our clients is that our team possesses numerous years of relevant home furnishings industry and software development experience.  
Calls direct to the toll-free dedicated Support number are automatically routed to the first available representative.  New Support requests submitted via phone, MyMyriad website, or email are handled in the order they are received.  Resolution of issues is based upon impact to operations, including escalation to management if warranted.
Some issues may require research or development work to correct however, and in these cases, the resolution time will depend upon the nature of the issue.
When an issue is reported to support, a "case" is entered into the Myriad system, and the support representative will provide a "case number" for the issue. This number should be used in future communication with Myriad when referring to the same issue.
Specific details are required by Support to successfully diagnose a problem. This includes the exact text of any error messages, the steps needed to reproduce a problem, and any steps already taken in troubleshooting.  Support may also need to connect remotely with your system to address an issue via a supported Remote Desktop or GoToMeeting connection.
If hardware or network-related are encountered, Myriad recommends that you retain the services of a qualified system administrator or consultant.  Myriad will work with this third party to resolve problems related to our application as needed.
Clients should select two primary contacts in your organization who have attended Myriad training and familiar with your company‚Äôs operations.